Nuclear Nation is a one-man-band whose existence started back in late 2007 in the corrupted city of Lefkosia in Cyprus and since then the band is spreading destruction through experimental noise and destroying every kind of music style that it comes under the attention of the maniac behind the band. During this time Nuclear Nation appeared along with some of the elites of the Underground Electronic European scene like Ah-Cama-Sotz back in 2009, Lith & P-A-L in 2011. Maniac is inspired by music, revolutions, futuristic thinking, destruction, machines, kicks, ambience and psychedelic drug trips.
In Past Maniac has also been part of numerous bands and projects, some to name are Dystopia (Cy), Atrocious, one of the founding members of Cannibal Bleeding (later known as Vomitile), Inner Suffering & Undead Nightmare. Maniac was also behind Threnody Productions and Hesperus Records.
To listen to pre-Nuclear Nation music you can visit www.hesperus-records.com all available for free download along with many other brilliant net releases.
Respect goes to Nick.P (http://www.resgestae.co.nr/) & Self Mutilator (http://www.gmlestat.co.nr/) those that always believed in maniac's madness.
As from 2013 this website includes political and economic material, an expression of part of myself, if you find it offensive then please do post your hate!