::Coming Soon::
LSI - NN Split Album (Date: T.B.A)

::2013 Releases::

Various Artists - All-Conquering The World's Destruction
Download at: http://archive.org/details/VariousArtists-All-conqueringTheWorldsDestruction2013
::2012 Releases::

Nuclear Nation/Narog - Noise Injection (Split Album - Internet Free Download Release, Download at: http://archive.org/details/NoiseInjectionByNuclearNationNarog)

Just Before Your End (Free Download at: Hesperus017 - Hesperus Records & Species   http://speciesdistro.co.nr/  & http://soundcloud.com/nuclear-nation/sets/just-before-your-end)
Support Nuclear Nation by buying the album from the official bandcamp page at: http://nuclearnation.bandcamp.com/album/just-before-your-end)

V/A - The Age of Anxiety (Free Download at: Hesperus011 - Hesperus Records http://hesperusrecords.blogspot.com/)

::2011 Releases::

V/A - Lonely Christmas (4 CD/Dark Meadow Recordings -http://www.darkmeadowrecordings.com/lonelychristmas.htm)

DarkPaths/Live In Athens (2 CDR/ Self Released)

V/A - The Seven Deadly Sins (Free Download at: http://www.myspace.com/sds-compilation)

Dark Paths (Free Download at: Hesperus007 - Hesperus Records http://hesperusrecords.blogspot.com/


Civilization Under Threat (Free Download at:: Dead0170 - Deadknife Recordshttp://www.deadkniferecords.net)

Human Anatomy (Free Download at: Dead0114 - Deadknife Recordshttp://www.deadkniferecords.net)


V/A - Winter Of Dissonance (Free Download at: Dead0052 - Deadknife Recordshttp://www.deadkniferecords.net)

Unnamed (Free Download at: Dead0048 - Deadknife Records http://www.deadkniferecords.net)

Discography apart from Nuclear Nation Project
Undead Nightmare - Promo [Participated as lyrics composer and Singer] (2011)
Inner Suffering - For Elize (2009)
Inner Suffering - H Kolasis Hyxithi (2008)
Atrocious - Ashes Of The Soul [Reviews link: http://www.myspace.com/atrociouscy/blog/416823333](2008)
Athos - Atrocious Split Album (2006)
Atrocious - Shades Of The Sanguine Tree [Reviews link](2006)